19. Pathology + the gory bits

Jeremy came by this evening with a CD of the stills from the operation. He said that the pathology of the prostate was good except that one part of the tumour was just a mm from the edge. This is too close for comfort but he thinks we got it in time (before it spread). So, as far as I’m concerned that’s good news!

So, it looks like I’m out of here tomorrow. My sister Jane wants a shot of the Kimono I’ve been wearing and this may help shield any sensitive viewers from the images below.

the kimono

the kimono

It’s curious looking into the entrails of your own body. The complexity of the organism. The skill of the surgeon. The ability to recover. As far as I can sequence the stills, they go like this:

1. They open me up. The prostate is just below the sucker.

2. The prostate is now visible. The white thing (lower centre) is a sponge.

3. This is a closer view of the prostate being dissected from the urethra (white clip top centre)

4. The catheter is fed through the prostate to help remove it. White cloth is to mop up blood.

5. Here’s the intact prostate and the seminal vesicles to the right

6. The urethra is joined back to the bladder and I’m stitched up

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